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The ECA affords you an exclusive opportunity to get to know and be known by your peers in the industry. Membership gives you that opportunity to form new relationships and enhance the old. What an excellent opportunity to sustain and grow your business.

Membership has it’s benefits

ECA members consist of road construction companies and other trade industry companies involved in the construction/maintenance of South Florida roads/highways.

  • Membership companies average $20,000,000 per year with one billion in revenue combined.
  • The ECA averages 115 membership industry businesses in South Florida; approximately 5000 employed by the ECA member companies.


ECA annual dues are billed in December for the upcoming year. New memberships received during the year are pro-rated and will be determined once the application has been approved by the Board of Directors.

Regular (Contractor) Membership Dues
$1,350.00 Annual

Associate (Non-Contractor) Membership Dues
$1,350.00 Annual

Certified Small Business Categories
Annual Membership Dues $780.00

Certification proof must accompany application and once a year upon the anniversary date of certification.

A new qualified member will receive a reduction as long as that business retains the stated certification

All Categories – $100 one time entry fee

The Engineering Contractors Association of South Florida, Inc. was established in Dade County, Florida in 1953 to encourage a high standard of business ethics for the paving contracting industry and those firms doing business with what is known today as “Engineering Contractors Association.”

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ECA Goals:

  • To advance better relations between the members of the association, the general public and the local government agencies.
  • To maintain high standards in the conduct of work
  • To combat unfair business practices
  • To encourage sound business methods
  • To cultivate social relations among the members
  • To encourage the active interests of every member in the civic, commercial, social and moral welfare of the community
  • To do whatever is necessary, proper or expedient to improve the industry